Driving Directions to Ear Falls

Our remote fishing outposts are located north of Ear Falls, which is approximately 200 miles north of the border crossing in International Falls, Minnesota.

  1. Cross the border into Canada and take Hwy. 11 East
  2. Approximately 20 miles east of Customs, turn left onto Hwy. 502 (no fuel service for more than 100 miles)
  3. Travel to the end of Hwy. 502 and turn right to Dryden, Ontario
  4. Turn left to Vermilion Bay on Hwy. 17
  5. Turn right at Vermilion Bay onto Hwy. 105 and proceed to Ear Falls
  6. Turn right onto Highway 657 (Goldpines Rd) for 1 mile, turn right onto Evergreen Lane, and our office/residence is the 3rd driveway — signs say Wetendorf. We’ll start your vacation from there.¬†

Please fill your gas tank in International Falls to ensure you have sufficient fuel to reach Ear Falls. There is no fuel service for more than 100 miles, and gas is also cheaper in the U.S.