Remote Fishing near Ear Falls, Ontario Canada

Our remote fishing outposts are located north of Ear Falls, which is approximately 200 miles north of the border crossing in International Falls, Minnesota.

Whenever possible, we attempt to schedule our parties so that our trips are maintained on a “back-to-back” basis. This allows us to keep our rates at a reasonable level but restricts our access for maintenance and cleaning. This means, we depend on the party before you to leave the facilities in an acceptable condition for your arrival and for you to do the same for the party that will be arriving upon your departure.

Ear Falls Weather – Near Jubilee and Slate

The weather changes quite rapidly on the Canadian Shield. Visit the Canadian Weather Office website to check the current weather conditions and forecasts at Ear Falls in Ontario, Canada.

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Canadian Regulations and Customs

These are some links to Canadian customs sites. For complete information about Canadian customs and regulations contact the nearest Canadian Consulate or Embassy in your country.

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